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About Us

Mara Water Supplies Limited wants to make a difference by bringing the people of Narok County Kenya clean and safe drinking water as its first water supply company. We offer innovative, affordable and sustainable water solutions to Kenyan schools, companies, hospitals and households, but we are also focussed on boosting the local economy by creating jobs and technical skills and providing a microcredit for beginning entrepreneurs.

Our work started in 2014 in collaboration with the Oloonkolin Foundation, to find a sustainable water solution for the Trans Mara households. We started a project for the productive construction and selling of sustainable and eco-friendly SAFE water tanks, which will be installed in every household to harvest rainwater. The tanks are relatively easy to build and very sustainable. The water collected in the tanks is not only safe to drink, but can also be used for sanitary purposes, irrigation, washing and cleaning. This improves the overall health of the community.

Under supervision of expert engineers from ´Greenberg International Limited´, we train local masons to build and install the tanks, using locally available materials to boost the local economy. We focus strongly on ´learning by doing´, and within just 6 days, a 5000 liter water tank is ready to meet it's new family.