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Water Borehole Services

Boreholes are necessary in areas where a steady supply of clean water is unavailable. A Borehole is drilled for many uses including industrial, irrigation and domestic consumption.

Mara Water Supplies also drills, repairs and maintains neglected or broken boreholes, in order for communities to regain access to clean water in the most sustainable and affordable way.

We install submersible electric pumps, solar pumps and hand pumps, erection of steel tanks&towers as well as comprehensive maintenance and service on existing boreholes. We are also available at a short notice in urgent situations and we can move to remote areas.

We work with engineers who have years of experience in borehole services in Kenya. We take a very thorough approach when it comes to drilling boreholes, taking every precaution necessary.

Need Borehole drilling Services or Geological survey done? Call or contact us. Serious clients only! 

Our other services include and are not limited to:

Hydro-Geological surveys and EIA studies
Drilling of water-well for home and industrial use.
Installation of water pumps for all desired specifications
Installation of tank stands and tanks
Reeming and installation of steel casings
Pressure pumps
Borehole Rehabilitation
Manhole covers
Water supply and Irrigation system works
Installation of PVC casings and much more