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Community Programs

Mara Water Supplies is committed to providing programs and services that meet identified needs for the community of Narok and surrounding area.

Water is essential for the survival and development of all children. Without water, children simply cannot stay alive or thrive in a healthy environment. Water resources, and the range of services they provide, strengthen poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Building tanks to re-open the school

To ensure the safe reopening of the school in our community, our COVID-19 response team has worked hard to build watertanks and hand washing station to help these schools meet the Minister of Health's Covid-19 guidelines.

These are extraordinary times. Thank you for standing with us.

    Partnering with the MaraStich hopital

MaraWaterSupplies is partnering with the MaraStich hopital medical team to help build handwashing stations and teach the community how to properly wash their hands to prevent or reduce the spread of #COVID19 within their communities.
On several places we build this handwashing stations and together with the medical team of Marastich hospital we developed flyers and documantation to inform the people of the community about hygiene and where the can go for mediacl treatment when neccesary.

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     Hygiene education

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent disease transmission, not only the coronavirus (eg COVID-19), but also diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid.

But for many Kenyans in rural communities who do not have hand-washing facilities with soap and water, at home, schools and health care facilities, this small action to prevent infection remains out of reach.

The Mara Water Supplies works with The Minister of Health and partners to ensure that communities have access to permanent and portable hand washing facilities, soap or alcohol-based hand rubs, and reliable water supplies. We also help the communty understand the benefits of hand washing through educational and behavioral tools and tactics.

  Construction of a SAFE water tank in rural communities

In the region Trans Mara Narok County, the Maasai- and Kalenjin-women and children have to spend hours every day walking to the river to collect their drinking water. Only 12% of those households in the region have access to clean water within a 30 minute walking distance.

Not only does the water from the river carry diseases, there is also the danger of several aggressive wild animals, such as hippos and crocodiles, around the river, which makes retrieving the water very unsafe.

Easy and direct access to clean water can change everything for the people living in Narok County and surroundings: it improves the overall health of the community, helps the kids to go to school instead of walking for water most of the day, and empowers the women to focus on other activities in order to become more financially independent.

    Creating jobs and technical skills for the youth

Under the guidance of expert engineers from Greenberg International Limited, we train local masons to build and install SAFE water tanks using locally available materials. We focus strongly on ┬┤learning by doing┬┤ and stimulating the local economy by creating jobs and technical skills. We also provide microcredit to new entrepreneurs.