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Training Masons

The profits of our organization are invested in training masons to ensure the continuation of the project. Under the supervision of expert engineers from Greenberg International Limited, we train local masons to build and install the SAFE water tanks, using locally available materials to boost the local economy. We focus strongly on ´learning by doing´, and within just 6 days, a 5000 liter water tank is ready to meet it's new family.

The tanks built during the training are donated to the families in rural communities who live in poor conditions and are unable to afford their own tanks. In this way, the families with sufficient income to buy a water tank provide not only clean water, but also jobs and income for families and young  in rural communitties. This way we support each other as a nation and we prevent that epidemics like COVID 19 have free access in our country

Are you unemployed, young and want to learn technical skills in building SAFE water tanks for your community. Sign up via this form and we will contact you as soon as possible

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