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Sustainable Affordable Friendly to the Environment (SAFE) water tank
Ferrocement Water Tank Construction

Water tanks made of ferrocement are used widely in many parts of the world to store water for domestic, stock, irrigation and industrial purposes.The construction system of our Ferrocement Tanks is based on a mould of clay blocks or cement blocks, which is an eco-friendly and much cheaper alternative to the plastic PVC water tanks still used today. The cement cistern is constructed inside this mould and at the final stage of the construction process the masons remove the clay blocks of the mould.

Ferrocement tanks come in different sizes and shapes having different capacities.Within a span of just 6 days, a 5000 liter SAFE water tank is built using only locally available materials and tools.One SAFE water tank is able to provide enough clean water for 10 households to last no less than 3 months!

Your tank will be a lot cheaper than a plastic tank, have a lifetime of at least 20 years, and is easy to repair in case of cracks. The technology is extremely simple to implement, and semi-skilled construction workers can learn it with ease. Such tanks have been used on a wide scale in Asia and in some African countries, and there is huge scope for increased use for rainwater harvesting systems.

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Comparison of Ferrocement water tank with PVC cistern

  Indicators Tank of ferrocement PVC tank
1 Costs 50.000 KSH up to 100.000 KSH for a 5000 l. tank. 50.000 up to 100.000 KSH
for 5000 L.
2 Construction timespan Construction on location in 6 days.
When fnished, the fresh cement has to be kept moist for at
least one week.
Ready from the factory.
Installation in a few hours when foundation has
been prepaired.
3 Water quality Water stays cool in cement tank. Water becomes warm in black plastic tank.
4 Impact on the health
of families
Research indicates that water stored in tanks that are dark
inside, decrease the incidence of water related diseases.
Same results.
5 Repairable Yes! Leaks can be repaired by carefully cutting away the
damaged area and plastering at the inside.
Difficult or impossible to repair.
6 Lifespan More than 25 years, as experienced in Nepal and Sri Lanka 5 to 10 years, depending of UV-erosion
7 Transport Flexible. The transport of cement in bags and tools is possible by wheelbarrow, canoe, donkey cart, motorbike, car, etc. With a lorry, only on proper roads.
8 Control of technology.
Development of local practical skills through training of local masons, Local know-how is essential in this long-term maintenance and repair. Knowhow stays in the companies, away from the
9 Economical impact Materials and tools can usually be bought at local markets.
It supports the local traders.
Materials for PVC and equipment is bought by large
companies. Villagers do not beneft.
10 Income generation Generates income for local masons, technicians and trainers. Incomes concentrated in the hands of a few
11 Water management,
autarkic self-support
Families having drinking water in stock feel responsible for the water management of their households. Same.
12 Social impact Empowerment of social cooperation within the community It can reduce costs. Less impact
13 Weight of tank About 1600 kg 100 to 200 kg